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The Handicapping Dashboard

The Handicapping Dashboard is a “work-in-progress”…with the goal of being a consolidation of various “views” of thoroughbred horse race. Many handicappers have developed custom tools to assist in their race analysis…I am no different.

The “source” for many of the various handicappers’ tools is the Past Performances (PPs). This is also the case for The Handicapping Dashboard. The Dashboard contains several of the “aggregate” functions I use when looking at a race. It also includes a fairly comprehensive set of statistics for the horse, the horse’s sire and dam, trainer, and jockey.

However, I am also working on going beyond simple (and sometimes complex) aggregations of PP data. Visualizing races, race components, and even “paths-to-this-race” are just some of the ideas simmering at the moment. Stay tuned for a glimpse into what I believe will be a revolutionary set of handicapping tools!

You can participate in this development phase of the Handicapping Dashboard by simply registering to the site. I’m going to keep the participant pool relatively small…should the pool fill up, I appreciate your understanding.

Here’s the current User’s Guide: HandicappingDashboard-UG

Watch the blog for updates about the project.

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