BT Quick Average

BT Quick Average: my first published Android Application.  The goal of this simple applications is to simplify calculating averages.  With BT Quick Average, you just enter the numbers you want to average…the average, running total, and count of entries are calculated and displayed on the fly.  The user has the ability to remove the last entered number or clear the entire list.
Free in the Google Play Store: BT Quick Average

Pocket Handicapper

TrackMaster’s Pocket Handicapper: my first “fully-involved” Android Application.  This app is the finished product of a mobile app development contest. TrackMaster selected my submission…I then customized it to align with their specifications and branding.
Free in the Google Play Store: Pocket Handicapper

Tablet Handicapper

TrackMaster’s Tablet Handicapper: my first (and only) Android Tablet Application. Based on TrackMaster’s Pocket Handicapper, this app was developed to take advantage of the tablet’s larger display as well as to include some enhanced functionality.
Free in the Google Play Store: Tablet Handicapper